My first guest post & why this site started: Conscious Careerist

My venture into solo-preneurship started because I was questioning my career path. On the one hand, I wanted a successful career, earn more money, have a cool job title, be respected for my ‘achievements’.

Meanwhile, I was searching deep within me. What do I really want? What is my real contribution in this life? And, what’s the frickin point?

It was a real struggle and I could not figure out a way other than choosing either the career path, or the ‘become a yogi and move to a beach and meditate’ path.

And one day it hit me.

Why the struggle? I can have – and be – both. It’s not an either / or scenario. That is just something my mind had made up, probably to protect me from moving forward in either.

Instead, what if these two could co-exist, or even thrive in the presence of each other.

What did it mean to create a conscious career?

So I wrote about it. In what became my first guest post.

And today, I stumbled onto a Facebook post from a few years ago featuring that blog post. What a trip down memory lane 🙂

Conscious Careerist was my first site, and it slowly grew into my focus of coaching, and later my signature course.

Read my blog post from a few years ago: 7 Steps to Consciously Create a Meaningful Career.

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