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Why no one really cares about your product (and why this is fantastic news for your business growth)

"If only they tried our product, they would love it."

I hear this often from driven founders. As builders of tech, we are intimately connected to our product. We built it - with love, sweat, and tears. We know that if they just used it, they would fall in love with it too.

Tied into "they will love it", however, is usually entitlement, expectations, and assumptions that rarely help your growth.

The most successful founders I work with suspend their belief that their product is better than the competition. Because no one really cares about your product, they care about improving their life.

This brings you back to step one, humility. A fantastic place to be. And this brings a lot of freedom.

Now, you can begin the real work.

1/ Start from Zero: Keeping an open mind

By starting from scratch, you'll have a deep advantage.

Remove all assumptions and keep an open mind. Any idea of what you think they want? Gone. Instead, get into the mindset that you just don't know.

You couldn't know, because you're not the intended user.

2/ Become and Stay Curious: What matters to them?

Meet your ideal customers.

Talk to them, often. Question everything. Deeply understand their needs. Watch them as they use your product, take feedback, and listen to both verbal and non-verbal cues.

Be prepared to change and kill your darlings.

3/ Listen to Words: How do they speak about their problems?

Too often, founders use buzzy and 'cool' words.

But the best marketing and feature descriptions use the words that your intended customers think and use in everyday life. The narrative is not about your product; it's about how it betters your customer's life.