Do you have something to say or create? This is why you have to 👇

Startup Growth

Nothing created is original.

"No, but I promise. This thing truly, really, really is original".

Ok, well even so: most likely it's a mix of other things that are original.

It took me some time to really appreciate that everything is a remix. Billions of people have wandered this earth, and hundreds of millions have created and said ingenious things.

At this point, it would be weird if something hadn't been done or said before.

This is fantastic news.

Let your work be inspired by others, build upon existing ideas, combine thoughts, write your words. We're all just borrowing from each other.

The most important point here?

'You' haven't done it yet.

Everyday I hear something new. Things that aren't new to the world. But at the time, they are new to me. Maybe I heard it from the right person at the right time. Or I was suddenly at a place where I could experience or hear it.

The exact idea that gave me an AHA has been said thousands of times before.

But thank god, this person said it now. So that I could benefit.

If you feel the need to say something, there is most definitely someone who needs to hear it. From you.

So say it.