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What Can I Expect From Business Coaching? A Guide for Curious Leaders

What Can I Expect From Business Coaching? A Guide for Curious Leaders

What is a business coach? Should I get one? What can I expect?

I often get asked about coaching. Those who approach me seem to sense a need for a coach, but there is often a lot of non-clarity around what it actually means to work with one.

So this is my attempt at breaking down what a coaching relationship looks like.

What is a business coach?

Let's begin with wikipedia's definition:

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

A few ideas stand out in what to expect from a business coach:

👩‍💻 It's a professional who's been there.
They're an operator themselves - with the experience of all the ups and downs you're personally facing. Because of this, the coach can guide, challenge, educate and motivate, knowing when what is needed

🎯 You work towards a specific goal.
When you work with a coach, you want new results. Many don't quite know what these are when we start working together. This is ok - we work together to nail your most important goals + most important actions.

🧠 Upgrade mindset.
They help you uncover blindspots, think bigger, challenge and cheerlead you, and cares about your progress. They know the balance of advising vs. coaching.

What a coaching process looks like

The relationship between coach and coachee is a special one. It's important that it feels like a fit, that you 'click' with the coach, and feel a trust in them and their experience.

The overall process runs like this:

🧭 Business audit
Deeply understand your here and now, in order to craft your goal and outcomes.

🗓️ Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions
Depending on where you are and the required intensity of the coaching relationship. Zoom is often preferred, but some prefer over the phone.

🏃 Actions, iteration and evaluation
Clear goal-setting and efficient frameworks. We make sure you're always working on the most impactful next step, often dramatically increasing focus and speed - without the overwhelm.

⏱️ Accountability
With a trusted partner who cares about your progress, your goals, and holds you accountable to your vision, many are surprised by how quickly they progress.

⏱️ Wrapping up
We evaluate progress and check if you hit the goals you set out. A coaching relationship can run 6 months, some need a shorter boost, some longer. Some come back. You bring with you a new way of thinking, working.

Interested in coaching?

Have a look around this website. If it resonates with you, fill out an application and let's see if we're a fit. I can't wait to support your growth 📈