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What I learned from a 33 year old legend gone too soon

A few weeks ago, one of my biggest mentors passed away.
Scott Dinsmore, of Live Your Legend, died in an accident while hiking Mt Kilimanjaro. He was only 33 years old, and one of my personal sources of inspiration.

He is the reason I began writing and exploring my own ideas – i.e. why this site exists. His passing is incredibly sad, yet he managed to leave quite a legacy behind.

Scott inspired people to live bigger lives, by showing us all how to.

Hundreds of thousands of people are living bigger lives because of Scott.

I never met Scott in person, yet the impact he made on my life is profound. And as a few weeks have passed, one big lesson has sunk in with me.

To always explore.

Exploration can take many different forms.

We can travel, meet new people and experiences. We can explore inwardly; learn about ourselves and know what makes us tick.

Scott’s untimely death has triggered something in me.

The will to explore has magnified.

If there is an option to stay close to the known and habitual or take a step into the unknown?

Always choose adventure.

Scott lived life to its fullest. No regrets. He had a deep impact on the world despite his young age.

“What would Scott do?” will be a guiding question for me for a long time ahead. I will never forget what I learned from him.

Rest in peace Scott.

And thank you for everything.

His vision and energy is well summarized in this Tedx-talk. Have a look.