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What does DONE look like?

What does DONE look like?
Photo by Muhammad Akhir / Unsplash

What does success look like for you?

We live in a world where comparisons abound. There is always someone around the corner who is ’succeeding’ more, earning more, who writes better or who seems to be a better parent.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what success looks like to me. And throughout the years, that definition has changed dramatically.

Sometimes, the success / failure narrative can feel a bit dramatic.

Imagine a new mom, comparing herself to the happy photos of well-rested, thin and laughing mothers, with equally happy babies. If we carry the (perhaps subconscious) idea that my home should be clean.

Every day is a failure, because it’s always messy.

A better question can be:

What does done look like?

Your kid wearing clothes, well-fed and sleeping well. Socks, puke and unanswered emails surround you.


Same with anything you want to do, or create.

What does done look like for you?

Not success, not perfection, not the best article I ever written, not ‘my best work’. Just DONE.

It’s a freeing word when we embrace it.

I’m writing this text and publishing it in the same spirit. No editing, no re-visiting. Just 10 minute braindump – DONE ❤️

Coincidentally, done usually means success.

Me writing this, and publishing it, equates to more success than the idea and text staying in my Evernote.

You, loving and feeding your baby, with a messy couch and puke on your shoulder? Success.