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Here is a list of apps, online tools and resources I use in life and work.

Pushbullet – Easily push information from your phone to laptop and vice versa. See your phone’s activity on your laptop. (i.e. see Whatsapp messages and who is calling without picking up your phone.) Brilliant! Easily sync applications between laptop and phone. – For quick note taking directly in the browser.

Google Cal – I keep trying new calendars for Android and my Mac, but I keep returning to Google Cal. 

Google Drive – No explanation needed methinks! Google Drive works for everything writing, sharing and collaboration online.

Evernote – Sorts everything and is kind of my online brain. Collect and sort text, audio and photos easily. You can even search for text in photos! It syncs across all your devices.


Trello –  A great to-do list for larger projects. Keep it to yourself, or add others to tasks that need to be completed

Things – Currently my favorite app for simple to-do lists. I use it on my iPhone.

Mindmup – A great mind-mapping tool. Simple to use and you create and edit straight in the browser. You can save directly to your Google Drive. Free.

Chrome Extentions

Clipular – Chrome extension and alternative to Glui. Gives you possibility to sort and highlight information before saving to Evernote.

Evernote Web clipper – Alternative to Clipular. Also a Chrome Extension. Send information straight to Evernote.

Freedom – Block digital distractions for periods of time where you need to get work done. Blocks internet completely from your computer.

Email Management

InboxPause – A Chrome extension which allow you to pause your incoming emails. So you can decide for yourself when you want to get your mails. Awesome tool.

Boomerang – For Gmail. Perfect for keeping your inbox close to zero. If you need to address an email in two days; send that email away and have it return to you at the time you want it back. 


Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design. Really. You can make our own graphics and designs with templates from Canva. – Create and share your visual ideas and infograms.

Place It – Incorporates your own design or mockup into already made photo templates.

Tools for Online Productivity

RescueTime – This program runs in the background and tracks everything you do on your computer and your phone. You get a weekly summary mail of your activity. You will be fascinated/scared/amazed by the things you spend your time on.

Eggtimer – Set a quick alarm directly in the browser. – Great background music. Definitely boosts my productivity.


Scrivener – Very powerful and comprehensive writing program. If you write a lot, this is a real asset. You get a 30-day free trial which gives you time to get to know the tool.  

CopyPasteCharacter – Find pretty much any character you can use (examples: ♥ ☃✿➫)

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