On The Future of Work

When I was seven, I wanted to be a pilot.

In my twenties, I fell in love with PR and the marketing of ideas.

Five years later, I was fascinated by technologies and their potential to better our world.

Today, I work as a coach, I work with startups, I write.

I did not see that I was to work in the tech/online space when I was a kid.

There was no such space at the time.

Ten years ago, there were no digital managers or social media strategists. And twenty years ago, how many even knew what the internet was?

Some may consider my career path a fragmented one. To me, when connecting the dots, it makes perfect sense.

If I had not been where I was at that time, I would not be where I am today.

How Do We Know What Work Will Exist In Ten Years?


I have stumbled upon some articles and research that have made my interest in the field of work grow:

  • In 2020, 40% of the work force in the US is estimated to be freelance workers. This is a big chunk of the population. As fewer of us are staying on as employees, we need to learn what it means to steer our own careers.
  • The work landscape is changing. So are our need to learn new skills. Some examples are a need to collaborate virtually and cross-culturally, understand tech as the basis of our society, new media and ways to communicate. Meanwhile, we need to find ways to put forth our greatest strength to use in the world.

Who Will You Be In Ten Years?

While the world is facing these dramatic changes, more people seem to be waking up. They want to do more. Create more. Do work that matters.

I meet a lot of people with thoughts and fears surrounding these type of questions: 

  • How can I do work that’s important and fun? To me and to the world.
  • I feel I’m not doing what I’m capable of doing. What do I do?
  • I’m not living the life I really want to be living..
With the world changing, we need more people to step up.

To do work they are passionate about.

However, getting there is not always the easiest thing.

Enter this site. This site is an exploration and guide into how we consciously can create our careers. And how we can adapt to the future of work.

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