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the 100% - a simple structure to get your stuff done this year

the 100% - a simple structure to get your stuff done this year

Setting intentions is essential to reaching your goals.

Meanwhile, goals mean very little without execution.

How to close the gap between intention and the hitting of our goals?

The answer to me has always been...

A simple way of executing, framed in a structure.

Whether it's reading books, restarting your health journey, becoming more active with a hobby... a clear structure to play within is key.

Enter 'the 100%'

The premise is simple. Every time you complete something, you've completed 1%. It's a full percentage point of the completed 100% you're walking towards this year.

What are things you want to do 100 times this year?

  • Call and tell someone you love them. One call is 1%.
  • Go to the gym regularly. One gym session is 1%.
  • Intermittent fasting. Every day you do IF is 1%.

What would your life look like if you completed these 100%s?

Why does it work?

  • It makes sense for our brains. It's a satisfying goal to work towards 100% completion.
  • It's visual. Super easy to put up a 10x10 square sheet and check one off. Once momentum builds, we want to complete the 'bingo sheet
  • It's doable. Not even twice a week. It can even encourage you to move a bit faster. What would you do if you hit your 100% in September? Perhaps you'll get to 150% this year. Fantastic.
  • It's easy to tell others. My two 100% projects are being done with friends, and many have started their versions of this.

Are your goals worth building a structure for?