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Once a day, after you’ve done your day’s work, go back to your documentation and find one little piece of your process that you can share. ... “What are you working on?” Stick to that question and you’ll be good. - Austin Kleon, Show your work

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Jan 30
Big Ideas for the decade to come 🚀
Jan 24
web2 vs. web3
Jan 23
One foundational factor that growth-focused startup builders get right
Jan 22
The difficulty of setting habits
Jan 19
Five things I wish every startup founder knew about marketing
Jan 18
The Future is No-Code
Jan 17
Thoughts on self-care as a business owner
Jan 16
The Spotlight Effect
Jan 15
Let your life be the argument
Jan 14
Managing time + energy
Jan 13
Things I've learned after 13 days of writing daily
Jan 12
A 4 Step Process: How to decide
Jan 11
Start when you're 80% done
Jan 10
Advice to a person addicted to the algorithm
Jan 09
The Curse of Knowledge
Jan 08
What's obvious to you is a breakthrough for someone else
Jan 07
The wrong way to approach marketing
Jan 06
Setting Goals: Process vs Outcome
Jan 05
My 2021 Wrapped
Jan 04
Entering an era of the Scenius