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Start when you're 80% done

For a few years, I've been doing slow burns.

If you're about to write, don't open a white page and start from scratch. There's too much pressure.

Instead, let it take time. Collect ideas, quotes, write down thoughts on the topic.

At some point, you'll suddenly have the stuff of what it is you want to write.

The idea is from Tiago Forte, and his ideas about not doing 'heavy lifts'. It helps remove some of the pressure of writing and creating.

Only start when you're 80% done

Where I previously struggled to write, I now have a lot of material on topics that interest me. I keep a folder of "Slow burns". These are pieces of writing or ideas I can use as lego pieces to build something bigger.

How to start using slow burns?

If you see something that piques your interest, capture it. Save it.

When a burst of inspiration hits, you already have the foundation. It makes it easier to take it to the next level.

Ps. Struggling today with finding the motivation to write, and found this text in one of my slow burns folder. Very meta 😎