Transformative results in 4 weeks πŸš€

Transformative results in 4 weeks πŸš€

What would happen if you went all-in during a short time period?

What in your life would be radically different after the sprint?

A sprint is a 2-4 week intense time period with focus on three components: clarity, focus and growth.

I’ve personally done 27 sprints over the last 15 years, and it’s always raised me to a higher floor.

πŸ‘‰ It's a cost-effective process to catapult you forward quickly.

Sprints I regularly host:

Launch Your First Marketing Plan 1.0

πŸ‘‰ August 2023

A 2-week live, online course that walks you through a proven process, teaches customer-centric frameworks, and helps you draft a 3-month plan that supports your business goals.

Build Your First B2B Marketing Plan by Cecilia Bratt on Maven
Stop doing random acts of marketing. Build a 3-month starter plan that removes confusion, attracts engaged prospects, and delivers results.