September 2020 Challenge: Building my Second Brain

September 2020 Challenge: Building my Second Brain

30 Day Challenges

So, I’m moving through a course called Building a Second Brain.

Why create a Second Brain?

Well, for 7 years, I’ve loved Evernote. It’s a life-saver in my everyday life, and the source of truth for most of my information and work.

The entire purpose of this month is to accomplish this equation:


I read a lot, love connecting ideas and summarize ideas. But it can tend to get stuck in my mind, or in conversations.

What this course is helping me accomplish is faster turn my ideas and information capture, into useful output.

Why save information if you‘re not going to use it? (is a question I haven’t asked myself until a few weeks ago :))

As a startup coach, I have a lot of discussions on what systems to choose and how to build efficient organisations. I see this as an opportunity not only to make my own life easier, but also bring the lessons to the people I work with.

So, September Challenge:

Each day in September, I’m spending 30 minutes either:

  • Building and creating new systems for efficiency and automations
  • Purging old content, looking through archives and re-purposing content ideas.

End of September, I will have a working ‘Second Brain’, i.e. a system for managing content, processing it and easier output it. See you on the other side 🙂