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Thoughts on self-care as a business owner

This is my third year as a business owner.

It's hard to take in. 2020 disappeared in covid fog and don't even get me started on 2021. That year felt like a month.

Today I had to update my CV, and it gave me some time to reflect on what I've actually done.

It's also having me think of the hard parts of managing a business.

Especially in the early days, when everything is fun and it's hard to say no.

Some thoughts today:

  • Be very clear regarding boundaries. Define them, set them, respect them.
  • Set a good enough. It's a great feeling to be fully responsible for my own life. It's also stressful to always be able to do more. Set a good enough and let the rest be a bonus.
  • Take off-days. Full, long days without work.