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My Reasons For Starting a Blog

Thank you for being here! Wanted to kick this off with a few of my reasons for starting a blog.

1) Writing is powerful and fun.

I recently spent a week on a course where a big chunk of that time was used for journaling. It gave me a new found love for writing, a passion that I’d come close to forget about. I love to write, I always have. By having a dedicated forum for my words, I will get the chance to improve my writing skills.

Writing also gives my thoughts clarity. By writing down ideas, they are easier to understand and expand upon. I have never felt the urge to express myself online, but a blog suddenly feels like a good platform for collecting my thoughts. If it would come to a point where others would benefit from or enjoy this blog, that’s a cool bonus.

2) People are fascinating.

Since I’ve gone through my coach training and started coaching, I have come to come to quite a few realizations. First of all, I’ve deepened my interest and knowledge in topics that I feel very passionate about (things that this blog will address). I’ve also come to realize that we are all very much alike; we tend to have very similar fears, dreams, secrets, bad habits.. By creating this space, I get the chance to let my thoughts go in whichever direction they choose.

3) The challenge to start one appeared..

Thank you for giving me the push that I needed!