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Setting Goals: Process vs Outcome

Setting Goals: Process vs Outcome

Last year I set clear very clear outcome goals.

I wanted a certain turnover in my business and work with a specific number of clients.

This year, I feel less inclined to set outcome goals.

I have a sense of the general direction, but even more clarity about what activities will take me in that direction.

So - instead of getting super focused on the outcome, I'll focus on the habits, rituals and activities that lead towards these outcome.

Setting process goals is harder.

It requires acceptance that I need to change my behaviors.

When you connect your goals and dreams to the actions that make it happen?

You become accountable to your dreams.

What happens when we set process goals without adhering much value to the outcome?

This is when we become unstoppable.

Something I'm thinking about when working on my 2022 goals.