October 2020 Challenge: No Caffeine ☕️

October 2020 Challenge: No Caffeine ☕️

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I love coffee. It’s been my morning routine for many years. 2 cups of coffee while journaling. But I’ve been drinking more over the last few months, and feel the effects of it.

Every morning, I wake up and feel like I need coffee. So as much as I like coffee, I don’t want to feel addicted to it.

How did I get off caffeine?

A few things helped.

1) Reading up

I hadn’t actually done much studying on coffee. Last summer I studied physiology at uni, and I dove into the physical effects of coffee to better understand how it affects the body.

2) A Deadline

I’m doing a Nature Quest in October, and part of it includes fasting. I know that I don’t want to drink coffee for four days, and includes not having coffee withdrawal while fasting. That would totally ruin the point of it.

3) A Plan

Maybe a bit all-in, but I created a plan for phasing out coffee. So for the last week or so, I’ve been cutting down on coffee. Minimizing my intake day by day.

I’ve now been caffeine-free two days, and am ready for an October with no coffee!