My experience building a course with Maven (2,5 weeks before launch)

I participated in the two week Maven accelerator in early August.

It's an excellent course, and I highly recommend joining if you get the chance.

You leave the course with an almost finished landing page, but it also ends quite abruptly - they leave you in the 'messy middle' so its good to set deadlines for yourself to get the course launched.

How I am attracting students to my first cohort:

šŸ“ Goal-wise: I set the bar really low. One of the successful course creators on Maven had 4 people in his first cohort. My other only goal is to get people "buts in seats" - a few people who can give me feedback. I haven't even put the whole course together yet - and just from the discussions I'm having I know the structure of the second iteration will look quite different.

šŸ“§ Right now - I send personal emails - with a good discount + extra coaching for early joiners. I started a few days ago and send 4-5 emails a day. I do have a network and I have shared this with previous clients and some people who might be interested.

šŸ”— I made some posts on LinkedIn. As I focus on creating the course content over the next two weeks, I'll be sharing parts of that to tease and give ppl a sense of the experience.

All in all: minimum I'll need for the course is 4, but it could be quite a few more. The next few days and week will tell šŸ¤ž

If I could start over?

I would develop a more structured launch plan and follow it.... I only started marketing this last week and I start in two weeks... šŸ˜¬

I would've plan at least six or eight weeks before.