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March 2021 Challenge: Ask, Give, Receive

March 2021 Challenge: Ask, Give, Receive

So last year I did a string of #30daychallenges.

It gave a bit of flavor and structure to an otherwise stressful year. But I was also glad it was over in December.

Committing to a practice like this, no matter how exciting it is, always takes some mental bandwidth.

I didn’t feel compelled to do a similar commitment for 2021, but knew I would jump into something if the lust and energy was there.

For 2021, I felt inspired most inspired by what I did in November. Deep-diving into a specific topic. Not only saying yes to going deeper on a subject matter, but also saying no to other things.

This was an interesting idea, because:

I’m reading 52 books this year, and this monthly deep-dive format gives me some structure for my reading.

I’m very curious and my mind tends to jump around wanting to learn about what is right in front of me. Dedicating one month to a topic is long enough to get some depth, but short enough to not feel locked-in.

For March 2021, I’ve signed up for an Ask, Give, Receive Challenge.

I’m extending this into a monthly challenge. Also, I’m doing it with some friends, so it brings accountability and some support to it.

A simple, but not easy, to practice interacting more with the world.

I tend to go at things alone, and usually place more value in giving.

I’ve also learned that it’s quite hypocritical to put giving on a piedestal, and not receiving. If I’m not equally excited to receive as to give, I’m depriving someone else of the joy of giving.

So, this month, I’m excited to put more time and energy into thinking about what I give, and what I ask for.