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July 2020 Challenge: Remove animal products from diet

For July, I’m trying a 30 day vegan diet.

I quit meat six years ago, and consume very little dairy.

The biggest change in my diet will be eggs and fish.

The biggest challenge will be to become conscious of what I actually put in my body. It’s been one day, and I’ve already had to google different food groups. “Does this contain animal products?”

Why vegan?

I don’t like the labelling. “Oh, you’re a vegan.”

I’m a person who doesn’t enjoy consuming animal products.

Anyway, I’m playing with it.

Six years ago, I tried a vegan month and it was hard. I went from meat eater to vegan, so jump was a big one. I also don’t love cooking, so it wasn’t that much fun having to find alternative foods.

When I went vegetarian six years ago, I binge watched a few documentaries on animal farming, climate impact and the benefits of plant-based diet. Quitting meat became very easy.

This time, I’m approaching it differently.

I want it to be an abundant experience. I want to play, create and learn. I still carry with me a mindset that “being vegan is hard and complicated”. Rationally, I know this is not true. There are so many people not eating animal products, and they have rich diets and lack nothing.

So I am focusing on learning and finding the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Let’s see how this goes!