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3 Steps to Increase Your Learning

“Either you’re growing or you’re dying.” – Unknown

What did you learn today?

As human beings – and as with everything in this universe – our bodies and minds are either in growth or in decay. One way to grow our minds is to continuously keep learning.

Personally, I am obsessed with learning. Good or bad, I don’t know. That’s just the way I am.

I soak up information and don’t hesitate to share whenever I can. My friends make fun of me that most of my stories start with “So, I read this article…” 🙂

Getting into the habit of learning and curiosity can be key to a growth mindset.

Three ways to learn better:

1. Find out how you learn.

More specifically, figure out your learning style. For instance, I prefer to read and I soak up information easily this way. Looking back at my university years, I probably should not have attended ALL the lectures, but instead spent some of that time reading on my own. I did not know it then, but I probably would have saved a lot of time and pain for myself.

A friend of mine hates researching but loves it when I explain concepts to her. Another is not a fan of reading, but is an incredible doer and has learned that she prefers learning through trial and error. More so than reading about people in biographies for instance.

We are all different and that is okay.

If you are learning Spanish, perhaps you should not read grammar text books. Instead, listen and dance to amazing Spanish music, “like” Spanish pages on Facebook about topics that you care about. Subscribe to Spanish bloggers on topics you care about.

Take time to understand this about yourself.

2. Look at everyone you meet as a chance to learn.

One of the most empowering questions that I know is; what am I supposed to learn from this? It can be from a person, a concrete fact, it can be a life story, it can be some well needed inspiration, it can be a ‘sign’ that you have been waiting for to get started on a project. No matter what it is that you take from an encounter, this type of thinking is empowering and lots of fun.

Baby-sitting? Perfect. Bask in the innocence and playfulness of the child. Go all-in in building that imaginary fort and help the child make it even bigger. Perfect for your creative side!

What can you learn from the bitchy clerk in the store? Compassion maybe. You don’t know this person, but you can take the chance to practice your ability to be compassionate.

Annoying colleague who is constantly complaining? Perhaps a situation to be curious about what has shaped this person to become who she is today.

We do not know other people’s circumstances. We should not pretend to think we know where someone is coming from.

3. Question everything.

We live in a fascinating world. There are so many things that we use in our everyday life that we today take for granted that we could not have imagined 50, even 10 years, ago.

At the same time, everything around us truly is created by people who are the same as you and me.

Do not accept things straight of. Instead, start questioning things.

Our society truly is a collective mindset, shaped by ourselves. At the same time, there are borders within which we all are somewhat contained.

  • Why do we stand in line?
  • Why is it socially acceptable to hug but not rub noses?
  • What is your street named after and why?
  • Why don’t all forks have five tines, kind of like our five fingers to a hand?

Become fascinated by the small things, and watch your world expand.

Happy learning!