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The Future is No-Code

The Future is No-Code
Photo by Christopher Gower / Unsplash

Everyday, I hear about a new tool that can be used to build tools and online experiences.

I used to have a Wordpress website, but now build landing pages in Carrd. The difference in speed, simplicity and user-friendliness is staggering.

Building with robust tech and programming will always be important, but I'm fascinated by the no-code possibilities that now exist.

Especially with web3 and the growth in the creator economy, I'm excited for more people being able to support themselves on their hobbies and niche skills.

Not everyone should be going deep into tech. Most will just need some basic tools, integrations and their own content to get going.

I'm already very curious and dive into new tech experiences quickly. However, I've signed up to Makerpad's course on No-Code Fundamentals.

To learn more, to build small projects and get to know others interested in building no-code.

Kick-off next week ✌️