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Five books I’m reading summer 2020

Happy Midsummer everyone!

In Sweden, we’ve just celebrated Midsummer, the lightest day of the year, and an important celebration for many people.

This is my reading list for this summer:

Death by Blackhole; And Other Cosmic Quanderies – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my favorite thinkers and science communicators. If you haven’t watched Cosmos, stop reading and go there now!! 🙂 Listened to a conversation he had on Impact Theory and Neil recommended this one himself.

Non Violent Communication – Marshall B. Rosenberg

Since I started working in a mental health hotline, I’ve gotten lots of training in conversations, motivational interviewing and I’ve decided to keep expanding on topics of communications.

The Four Agreements: A practical guide to personal freedom – Don Miguel Ruiz

I’m re-reading this. It’s a short book centered around four principles, agreements, based on Toltec wisdom. It was a short read and I really enjoyed it – so will read it again 🙂

Leonardo daVinci – Walter Isaacson

I really liked Isaacson’s book about Steve Jobs, and I can’t wait to dive into daVinci’s fascinating mind and life.

So you want to talk about race – Iljeoa Oluo

The discussions on race and reparations have always interested me, but I’m not very educated. With #blacklivesmatter I’m also educating myself more.