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Creating Your Purpose 101

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I used to believe there was a purpose for me to be found. That it would appear one day. I would stumble upon it and say ‘eureka’ – that’s it!
My views have shifted over the years, as I’ve come to certain realisations.

You could stumble upon something. But I believe you are better off going about it a different way.

We find our purpose by creating it. 

Lots of the stress we see these days come from the fact that we have so many opportunities.

We hear that we can do anything, become anything. The choices available to us are mind-boggling. And it’s all up to us to choose the ‘right path’.

We fear that regret till hit us if we don’t find that one, true path for us.

I believe that we choose our passions and create our purpose.

The three key ideas below can help you start where you’re standing.

Creating Your Purpose in Three Steps

1) Understand that service is key.

Helping others truly is one of the key components to both happiness and purpose. Your first to-do is to research how you can serve the world.

Deep down you know what moves you. What pulls at your heart strings – Puppies without no home? – Children who have no one to talk to? – Difficult tax systems for people courageous enough to start their own business?

Whatever it might be, find your clue in the question: What moves me? Start looking around and start serving others, for no other reason than for the actual act of serving.

If you have no clue where to start, simply start helping friends or neighbours with small things. Build from there.

”I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” – Rabindranath Tagore

2) Focus on what you are good at.

Become an expert at yourself. Use your strengths and interests to leverage your passion.

Most consider strengths only when it’s time to apply for a job or update your CV. “I’m a multi-tasker” or “I’m too ambitious”…. These are not real strengths.

Look at the more personal aspects, such as: Can I create compelling visions for others? Am I driven by story telling? Can I easily see what people are good at? Am I the type of person who counts to 10 before jumping or do I start counting when already in the water?

Understanding these strengths changes your game. And what is important to remember is that you, with the unique combination of your skill set, are one-of-a-kind. Everyone is good at something.

Ask yourself: How do I continuously serve others while using my strengths?

3) Realize that you already have passion.

Passion is not something to be found outside of you; it is not something you will find outside yourself.

If you decide that something is your passion, so it is. It gets easier if you are doing something you intrinsically enjoy, support and are good at.

If you approach your life and tasks with passion, passion will find you. If you move around life stressed looking externally, stress finds you.

Approach your life and your everyday tasks with passion.

Like attract like.

If you act from this, you will attract people and opportunities.

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