Business Coaching

You're a CEO or GTM leader who knows every single day in your business matters.

Get real results and unlock your full potential with business coaching.

Business coaching is for leaders who want to grow their business at least 20-50% in the next 6 months

  • Predictable growth: Put in place strategies that accelerate your company's growth and hit your revenue targets.
  • Scalable operations: Make your business a well-oiled machine. Optimize processes, create scalable systems, and take focused action. Move faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Become a real leader: Get confidence and skills to lead with authority, inspire your team, and make impactful decisions.
  • Build a high-functioning team: Attract and keep top talent, while creating a culture your people love.
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Fractional Exec

Many say that getting a business coach was the single best decision in their professional life.

As your coach, I support you with tools, frameworks, experience, care and accountability.

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What others say

"I had the great pleasure of working with Cecilia for over a year! A driven leader, and an immensely insightful coach, Cecilia inspired and supported those around her to meet and exceed their professional goals." - Shane McGoldrick
"During the almost 2 years I got to spend with Cecilia, she taught me a lot about what it means to be a leader. She's an excellent coach with a special eye for the challenges that are found in an expanding and forever changing environment." - Madelene Hall

Why choose to work with me?

👉 Proven track record: Results from working with hundreds of leaders and startups. Trained in several coaching modalities (incl. ICF coaching).

🚀 Extensive hands-on experience: Grew the fastest-growing business of all time (Groupon) in the Nordics as COO. 15 years as COO and CMO from several fast-growing B2B startups and scaleups.

🤝 I've been there: Hired and managed 100's of people, had difficult conversations, built, led and trained dozens of teams. Implemented frameworks, executed growth experiments. I've been there.

☀️ Tailored approach: While many frameworks and processes apply for , I always take a personalized approach, making sure to cater to your needs, goals and circumstances.

Trust and confidentiality.️ I ensure privacy and confidentiality, for you to discuss sensitive business and personal matters.

👩‍💻 I love what I do. Became a solopreneur in early 2020, and built a thriving coaching + advisory firm focusing on helping others grow.

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