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Change Your Stories, Change Your Life

Growing up, I never cooked. My mom was an excellent chef and the kitchen was her domain. My first cooking experience, I was 11 and had to make a potato soup for school.
I was quite clueless as to what I was doing, so instead of pouring the required amount of water in it, I read the recipe wrong and poured 1/10 of that…. Needless to say, that potato thing that was created was not a soup 🙂

If we look closely at our stories and our truths, we can usually pinpoint an experience or a memory of when something shifted. When we created a story that we decided to buy into through all our experiences in life.

For me, the potato mush experience was one. For years to come, I knew that I was a bad cook, and I told myself – and others – that story. When I cooked a nice meal, I did not hear the positive feedback.

If something went wrong, it just confirmed my story. “See! Of course that happened. Cause I’m bad at cooking!”

The great thing with decisions though is that we can make new ones. As adults, we have the power to make new decisions, and more importantly, change our stories.
Since I was walking around with a story that did not serve me, I decided to join a friend for a cooking weekend. That weekend, everything changed, because I decided it to. My new story is: “I’m a great cook.”

It still feels weird to say it, because I’m not used to it. And even if I’m not Michelin starred chef, my potato soups do not have to be measured along those lines in order to be good.

More importantly – I will never grow as a cook if I keep telling myself I’m no good! We are often so tightly interwoven with our stories that we cannot see them for what they are – stories, not truth.

So… what is your potato soup story?