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Change is simple, but never easy

Every day, I work with businesses and people who want to create change.

Some aspects of life are not up for us to control – change happens whether we like it or not.

But when I work with people, I use models, systems and processes that are quite alike. When we want to go through a specific type of change, a specific set of processes can support that change.

We can create some of the circumstances that make us change.

So this month, I’m creating new circumstances in order to change. It’s a 30 day Facebook Live challenge, sharing about my experience creating an online course. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Every day, press Record, speak, and then publish.

The change is coming from my daily exposure to doing daily lives.

I’m becoming more comfortable on video, connect with those that watch it and am starting to enjoy being on video.

The process is simple.

I press “Record” and start talking. Every day. That’s all.

Is it easy?

It wasn’t when I started. I felt resistance, had to put a reminder to do it because I forgot and wanted to quit. I just didn’t have that daily habit in me.

And now I am changing, because I am following a process.

Change is simple, but never easy.