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Want to build a product your customers *love*? Do this.

Most of my time goes to coaching founders who are building early-stage products and software.

When it comes to go-to-market, many instinctively lean towards doing research, sending out questionaries or simply asking prospects what they think.

But the most important thing I see over and over again, is to get your product in the hands of your prospects and customers as early as possible.

The second most important thing is to get the right type of feedback. The key is most often to look for the golden nuggets in non-verbal feedback.

A checklist on how to optimize feedback👇

  1. Invite an (ideal) customer for a session to test your product
  2. Have them walk through it. Ask them to narrate everything they do - everything they’re thinking. Completely unfiltered. Note down comments, feedback, questions and concerns
  3. This is the most important point 👉 Notice them. What makes them smile, lean in or lean away. What makes them sigh or mumble ’aha cool’. What makes their eyes foggy with confusion + what makes their eyes light up
  4. Bring the feedback back into iterations
  5. Set up a new session with another customer
  6. Rinse and repeat. At least weekly.

Optimize for clarity, ease and creating wow experiences.

(Wes Kao calls this Eyes Light Up moments)

Minimum *loveable* product > Minimum *viable* product