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Advice to a person addicted to the algorithm

A few thoughts I wrote down when a friend asked for input on how to overcome massive youtube-procrastination and get an important project done.

Action steps - A few top of mind practical steps / tips:

  • Make everything about tech intentional! Turn off auto-play on youtube. Only play youtube-videos in Brave browser and clean out cache often. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the algorithm game.
  • Get Instapaper and add as a chrome extension. If you see something fun online, make it a habit to save it there for later. NEVER consume anything right away that you haven’t planned to see. Schedule a time for going through Instapaper once a week (4 times out of 5, you'll remove that thing you saved because you'll see it's not worth your time)
  • If you catch yourself feeling that pull to follow that addictive tendency, ask yourself: “What need is not being met right now?". Listen to what your heart and body reply. Be kind to yourself and give yourself what you need.
  • Downgrade your mobile: Remove stimuli: Remove infinity apps, remove notifications. Clean it up.
  • Schedule one focusmate.com session once a day to work on that thing you want to get done. Commit to one task. Stay with it, suffer, struggle with watching your mind flee elsewhere. But STAY!
  • It’s a practice. Commit to the practice. The only way through is action.
  • Rely on others for accountability: where do I need help? Where can I get help?