Hey I'm Cecilia 👋

This is my personal website, where I occasionally write things about personal growth, startups and upskilling.

What I'm up to:

  • Founder at MarketingLabs.io
  • Business coach at Sting - the leading startup accelerator in the Nordics (if you're an early stage founder based in Sweden 👉 check it out),

I enjoy supporting businesses and the people building them.

We are living in disruptive times.

How we work, learn and grow businesses - it's all changing.

The future belongs to those who are willing to learn, be agile, and focus on what really matters. This is as true for businesses as the people building them.

The mission of this site is to offer strategic + hands-on support to business owners:

⛰️ Learn to operate with a clear vision, goals, and steps to execute (so you can sleep well at night),

🤝 Adopt a customer-first mindset and execute efficiently (so we work on solving real problems),

💯 Become a leader who thrives in this new era (so you feel you live your potential),

I've spent 15 years growing multiple startups from early-stage to scale-up as COO and CMO, and 10 years as a business and career coach.

As we set up Groupon in the Nordics, I spent 4 years as COO, scaling the fastest-growing business of all time.

Managing 100 people during hyper-growth, I experienced deeply what people - with the right tools, context, and support - are capable of.

Very often, I've been there:

🙋‍♀️ Hired and led hundreds of people, built dozens of teams and had all the difficult conversations,

⚙️ Built and scaled organisations, finding the right place for people, processes and feedback loops for effective growth,

📣 Designed organisations for a customer-first growth mindset, educated internally and led results-driven marketing,

🤝 Coached leaders and individual contributors.

The difference between effective and non-effective teams can be a 10x difference. I've seen it many times.

My happy place is in deconstructing, studying and sharing my experiences to create more of this 10x.

I believe our world needs more who operate at their very best.

In March 2020, I went full-time as a solopreneur as a full-time business coach, marketing advisor and educator.

Some other things 🙋‍♀️

  • Bilingual; Swedish/English. Based in Stockholm, raised in the UK and US,
  • MSc in Business & Management from Stockholm School of Economics. Certified ICF coach,
  • Futuristic and curious. Sometimes to a fault. I read a lot and love going down rabbit holes, and regularly do deep-dives. Connecting the dots between emerging disciplines is my intellectual happy place.
  • Love coffee, hiking, winter (yes, very Nordic ☃️), and improv.

Companies I've worked with