Hey, I'm Cecilia.

I'm a full-time business coach and marketing advisor. My days are spent helping B2B founders and operators like you grow their business.

Each and everyone of us have insane potential, and I'm deeply inspired by people who build the future.

I've seen people - with the right tools, context and support - 10x their results.

During four years as COO at Groupon Nordics, I lived it. At the time, we were the fastest growing business of all time.

In my 15 years growing startups and 10 years as a professional coach, I've found my sweet spot in advising, teaching and coaching leaders.

What you can find here

Some other things about me

My red thread is supporting founders and startups to grow fast and efficiently.

I'm Swedish + bilingual. Based in Stockholm, raised partly abroad.

MSc. from Stockholm School of Economics, an ICF coach certification.

Coached more than 70 startups and founders.

After graduating, I stumbled into a personal crisis. Is this it? I left my first real job out of desperation after 8 months. I committed to never again do work that didn't matter - stumbled into the startup world, and found my place.

Loneliness and isolation moves me. I volunteer with a mental health hotline - I believe everyone deserves someone to listen and believe in them.