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How 30 minutes a week can accelerate your growing startup

Running and growing a business can be busy.

As founders, there's always something else we should be doing. But more urgent things get in the way. As your team grows, even more urgent matters appear. Also, new problems and situations.

But there's one very helpful decision that founders can make.

Committing to and prioritizing 1-1 meetings with your team members

20 to 30 minutes in the schedule, every week.

This is a time dedicated your team member. They get to bring the questions, concerns and thoughts. Sometimes you have a lot to discuss. Sometimes, you don't. For many, this feels stressful.

But if you create an open space, you create gold:

  1. It's a brave thing to do, because you tell them you're open to listen and receive feedback
  2. How do they bring up issues? What are their concerns? You'll become a better leader by knowing what matters to them
  3. No surprises, no pent up frustrations or miscommunications over time. You calibrate. Things get solved quickly and move forward even faster
  4. By consistently showing up and prioritizing them, you show respect and that they're important

The times in my career when I've lead teams and forgotten this?

These are the times when things start to feel off - you get a certain disconnect with the pulse of what is going on.

A quick weekly session is an investment that will pay off in many ways, and lay the foundation for smoother growth 🚀